Sha. Former Queen of California. (angelwings01) wrote in twobuns,
Sha. Former Queen of California.

run jack. run jack. run jack.

You may not see them completely. Oh, yes they are there though.
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you are toooo pretty, my friend!
and although i can tell that you are highly photogenic,
i but the photos still don't do you justice.
someday, i shall find out!
(though i may be seceretly stalking you to do so, as i am afraid of meeting new people...)
i am so afraid of meeting new people too, i am scared of so many things though!

thank you much miss.. you should post some two buns pics!
me tooooo!
it's funny though, my boyfriend and i are both horribly shy, but once we got past that, we're really better friends for being able to understand, y'know? so who knows, maybe you and i will work something out, someday ;)
i posted an old two buns pic, and i will be sure to take some new ones soon!
also, on a more dresden dolls related note...
i know you can see awesome pictures of them all over the internet,
but i thought i'd point you in the direction of my friend keith's photos anyway, since our little group has seen the dolls a number of times... maybe save these links to look at on a rainy day, y'know, if you're not as much of a loser as i am with time to sit around looking at pictures (brian is the cutest boy in the world though, and amanda ain't so bad either) ♥

12/13/2003 the first photo is my friend lily and my friend kelly, with the dolls (and keith is hiding behind them, as brian trys to eat kelly's head.

june, 2004 my first dolls show
halloween, 2004 sadly, i missed this one (as i was in florida at the time, seeing the blood brothers, who dressed as bananas).
that is too far beyond cool!

someday i will catch a show and it will be grand!

i want to see blood brothers dressed as bannanas.

i love dresden dolls too much now.
too addictive!
addictive is exactly what they are. for sure.
my sister met them some years back when they played at a small coffeehouse here in hyannis, before anyone really knew who they were.
then the first time i saw them was at another cape show (so nice when local and semi-local bands REALLY kick butt, yknow?) at some bar on the beach,
there was a pretty good crowd outside, drinking and whatnot,
but just a few of us who were there for the show,
so not only were we RIGHT up front, there weren't many people behind us either. and, as you may have seen in the pictures, the dolls forgot their make-up that night, ha ha...
most recently i saw the dolls with NIN (yeah, they're getting big now).
i was late =( and only got to see 2 songs, but i heard they only played 5 anyway. i did, however, miss another show a couple weeks before that, because i didn't have the freakin tickets, and I AM NOT OVER IT. grr.

the blood brothers are one of the best live bands ever. possibly the only band i'd miss the dolls for (though i am sad i couldn't be in two places at once on halloween)...
next time we will teleport you back and forth between shows!

i hope i can go and see the dolls this year some time.